Nick van de Wall, born and raised in Spijkenisse, the Netherlands. 2007 was my first official year and stuff, started at nothing and went up to 157 bookings in one year, featuring some of the biggest party’s in holland (nopeisdope, pleasure island) and the biggest and most popular clubs (powerzone amsterdam, panama amsterdam, now&wow rotterdam)

Beginning of the year i started of with a no.3 in the dutch dance chart, and no.65 in the dutch top 100 with the hit; “Afrojack – In Your Face (Slized/Digidance)” and it got supported buy guys like laidback luke, richard durand, Sidney Samson, and more of the top dutch DJ’s..

Another slized wich was my next official release was “Afrojack – Fruity EP (Slized/Digidance)” wich was a hit in the french clubs, and supported by none other then Greg Cerrone! This led to a remix for Greg Cerrones “Invincible”

Between this I was very busy with spinning and too lazy to send my music to labels so eventually Ii started my own label “Wall Recordings” (exclusively for beatport and juno), and released a dutch clubhit called “don’t be” charted in beatport at no.76 and juno no. 32, and got charted by DJ’s like David Vendetta, Benny Rodrigues and Erick E

Through this i got alot of support from the national dj garde (for example Erick E, Bart B More and Gregor Salto) and after that it only got bigger, remixes for Ron Carrol, Tiger Stripes, and some more national projects.

After that it was time for the “Underground” club hit in holland that nobody knew the title of and it became a major hype! (thanks especially to Benny Rodrigues!) it was played throughout the 2007 year and gathered national and international support, now finally ready to be released its already massively supported and played by; Fedde Le Grande, Laidback Luke, Josh Wink, Erick E, Roog, David Guetta, 2000and one, Shinedoe, Darko Esser, Benny Rodrigues, Greg Cerrone, Secret Cinema, Funkerman, Don Diablo, and many more…

I was (and still am!) very proud of this record because lately everybody wants to give every style of music a name, always questioning about “is this tech-house? techno? house? latin?”.. And for me this record was a mix of the kind of music that I like (techno, tech-house, house, and everything between)! What was even greater to see is the list of DJ’s that support it, its charted in Josh Wink’s 2008 march chart, but its also played by for example Fedde Le Grande and Laidback Luke, that’s something completely different isnt it? ;=)

Thats about it about me!

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